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Minnesota's first brewery was also the first in the Midwest to "lager" their beers the Bavarian way.  Anthony Yoerg was from Germany and knew the secret to great beer was cold fermentation and aging it in cool cellars.  The Yoerg brewery was never the biggest in the state, or even the city of Saint Paul for that matter. They produced 35,000 barrels of beer in 1890 and 35,000 barrels of beer in 1948.  The family was long renowned for producing Minnesota's finest beers, and that was all that mattered to them.

The Yoergs brewed four beers with the greatest care, patience and focus, just as their ancestors did in Bavaria.  A powerful, hearty Lager was the flagship brand, a dark seasonal bock released every Spring, a powerful winter double bock they labeled simply "Strong" and a crisp, snappy Pilsner they called "Picnic" Beer for the summer months.

We haven't changed a thing.   Yoerg's
'Flagship' beer is still 'steam brewed' and is just as robust as the original, with a delightful roasty/toasty flavor that just sings Saint Paul.  The dark bock will be a year round item, rich, full-flavored with a hearty chocolate/coffee bean note.  The Strong is a doppelbock of the highest order, only brewed while the weather is shitty and the super crisp Picnic Beer is only available when you don't have to wear a jacket.  These beers are the epitome of the city where they were originally born, and have been painstakingly reborn.

Yoerg Brewing Company - St Paul, Minnesota

When Anthony Yoerg came to the United States from Bavaria, the brewing scene was in its infancy and British styled ales dominated production.  But Anthony had a different way of making beer.  When he first began in Saint Paul, he aged his beer in caves, lagering them for four weeks before he released them to the public. The end result was a smoother, silkier and much more drinkable style of beer. 
100% steam-brewed, just as it was over 150 years ago, using 100% Minnesota Barley (three different toast levels), Washington State Hops, and a touch of  Celeia Hops for aromatics.  Yoerg's Beer is a big, malty, roasty/toasty brew with a haunting dance of hops in the background, It's fragrant, powerful, and just might be the most serious lager to come out of the Midwest since, well, since The Yoerg Brewing Company closed their doors in 1952.

PACKAGING: 6pk, 12oz Longneck Bottles and Half Barrels.  RELEASE DATE: Now Available

Yoerg Brewing Company - St Paul, Minnesota

Going back 150 years or more, bock beers held a special place in the hearts of beer drinkers all over the East Coast and Midwest.  It was introduced into the Midwest by the great German Beer Barons of Milwaukee, St. Louis and St. Paul.  It was always released during lent, and was usually the darkest, richest beer each brewery produced.  With all the bock beers coming out each year, one stood far above the rest; Yoerg's Bock.  It was always the most celebrated, and always the first to sell out.  Yoerg's Bock is now produced year round, with the dark, roasted malts front and center.  Cocoa and chocolate come into play on the palate with a sneaky hint of Bavarian hops to balance things out.  This was why your grandfather loved Yoerg's beers so much.

PACKAGING: 4pk, 12oz Longneck Bottles and Half Barrels.  RELEASE DATE: Now Available year round

Yoerg Brewing Company - St Paul, Minnesota

Utilizing a Hefe Weisse Yeast, German Pilsener malts and two different wheat malts, our first release from our little brewery on premise is a stunner.  A classic German-styled Hefeweizen, this pours a hazy light-gold color, with an immediate thick head with beautiful lacing. The nose is light and subtle, with soft aromas of clean wheat and lemon. The palate offers more intensity, as flavors of tart lemon custard, a hint of orange rind, bread dough and sweet malt fill the medium-weight mouth. It's smooth and well balanced, with a slightly rich and creamy texture and a crisp, clean finish. Really stunning. It's as good as any new world Wheat beer we have ever tasted.

NEXT RELEASE DATE:  Available exclusively at the Yoerg Saloon

Yoerg Brewing Company,  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Like most weizen-style beers, dunkelweizen has a grainy, bready flavor underlying the beer. Slight, soft caramel notes and toasty, bread crust-like melanoidin character from Munich malts give this beer it's rich flavor. While it has a rich color, there are no roasted flavors or aromas.  Pours a stunning chestnut color, with a thick, off-white head that shows good retention. Initial scents of banana bread dough and roasted malt on the full-bodied palate. Creamy and dense, silky in texture, with attractive flavors of toasted bread, clove, caramel, brown sugar and a touch of citrus peel.   5.5% Alcohol.

RELEASE DATE:  Available exclusively at the Brewery

Yoerg Brewing Company - St Paul, Minnesota

Roggenbier is a German style rye beer brewed with very large portions of rye malt. Roggenbier is mildly hopped, and the initial nose is one of light fruitiness and a faintly earthy aroma. Because Roggenbier is a medieval style that originated long before beer filtration, this Roggenbier is unfiltered.  Until the 15th century, rye malt was commonly used to brew beer in Bavaria and other parts of Germany. However, after a series of bad harvests, the rulers of that age determined that rye should only be used for making bread instead of its liquid cousin, beer. Thus, rye was relegated to a bread grain for the masses and Roggenbier virtually disappeared from the tables of Bavarians for almost 500 years. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Roggenbier was brought back to life by a brewery in Bavaria, and it’s been gaining popularity.

RELEASE DATE: Available exclusively at the Yoerg Saloon

Yoerg Brewing Company,  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Kellerbier is a pretty obscure style here in the United States. It is a version of German lager originating in Franconia, Bavaria and dates to the very beginnings of lagering in the latter half of the Middle Ages. Lacking any type of refrigeration technology, brewer’s would brew their beer during the cool months of the year and then lager them in caves. These caves acted like natural cellars allowing the beer to remain at stable, cool temperature for the length of their slow maturation.  Kellerbier translates to “cellar beer,” an obvious reference to the cooler temperatures the beer is brewed and conditioned under.


Yoerg Brewing Company - Saint Paul,. Minnesota

Bavarian monks developed the doppelbock (double bock) style hundreds of years ago to drink during lent, since they weren't allowed to eat.  So they produced a wickedly strong double bock that usually reached 8-10% alcohol and kept their tummies full.  Anthony Yoerg produced his "Strong" in that same "double bock" style, from an ancient Bavarian recipe.  We have replicated this recipe with an ultra powerful Doppelbock labeled as Anthony labeled it; Strong.  Caramel and roasted malts dominate the palate, with a smooth, silky texture that belies its 10% plus alcohol level.  This is truly a meal in itself.

RELEASE DATE: Winter, 2019


Yoerg Brewing Company - St Paul, Minnesota

From the ending of Prohibiton in 1933 through the 1960s, every single brewery in the Midwest produced a 'Picnic Beer'.  It was usually in a lighter, Pilsner style.  Yoerg took it one step further and made an aggressive, assertive, Bavarian styled pilsner of the highest pedigree.  Released every year on the first day of summer, Yoerg's Picnic Beer is a freshly crisp, classic pilsner with a creamy, silky palate and perfect balance.  A beautiful hay-gold in color, with a crisp hop attack that is at once arresting yet totally thirst quenching, this is the beer that will put out fires.

PACKAGING: 4pk, 16oz Cans and Half Barrels.  RELEASE DATE: Summer, 2019


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