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Here at the Yoerg Brewing Company, we play many different roles.   Not only are we Minnesota's first brewery, we are also a wine bar, restaurant and the finest European Beer Bar in the upper Midwest.   Here is our current list of Old World European beers on tap, in bottle, and what's coming down the road.   We direct import just about everything you see, which is why you won't see these beers in very many other places.  The list is constantly changing (at least once a week), so stay tuned to stay up to date.

Here is a selection of rare ales and lagers from Europe's finest beer producing countries.  We try to keep this list permanent as it represents the creme de la creme of European breweries.  Quantities are limited as none of these beers are mass produced, and we do get some of this country's most generous allocations. 

Because we order most of our beers in advance, it usually takes 45-60 days for them to arrive at the Yoerg Brewing Company from Europe.  The beers are usually consolidated in Germany or Belgium, come over on a refrigerated container boat, arrive in New Jersey port and then shipped to Saint Paul Minnesota and the Yoerg Brewing Company.  If it's listed here, it's probably in our cold room waiting for a tap handle to open up.


    our facebook page